Do you have an old video tape you can no longer watch? We can convert VHS, Mini DV, VHS-C, Video 8 (8mm), Digital 8, Super 8 and Hi 8 to a DVD to preserve those memories for you.


Send us your tapes by courier along with the order form below, or simply bring them in store. The turn-around time is approximately a week. The quality of the tape may have deteriorated since you last watched it, and unfortunately this is irreversible, so the sooner you get it converted the better. We are unable to convert any video tapes that have been recorded from TV or movies due to copyright reasons.

Video to DVD (up to 3 hours) $40 per tape. Super 8 to DVD (for a 50ft reel) $50. 

For bulk pricing please email for a quote.

Optional Add-Ons:

Additional DVD copy $10

Convert to Editable Digital File $10

Copy to USB $19 (This price may vary depending on how many tapes you have and how long they are.)

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