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We offer passport and visa photos for most countries around the world for adults, children and babies. Come into store and see us between 10am-4:30pm to have your photo emailed for online application and/or printed for a paper application.


Alternatively if you cannot make it into store you can email us a photo you have taken and we can check it and edit it to the correct standards where possible. The cost to print or edit a photo you have taken yourself start from $10, however please be aware that we cannot guarantee the acceptance of these photos. If we feel a photo you have sent us will not be acceptable we will notify you ASAP. For information on taking the photo and the standards that must be met we recommend looking at the requirements given by Internal Affairs at

Please send your unedited, uncropped photos to at the highest resolution possible and include the following information:

- Name

- Phone Number

- What the photo is to be used for (eg. NZ passport online application, Chinese visa paper application etc.)

- Delivery details/pick up in store

Once we have received a photo suitable for your requirements we will send you an online invoice, where you can pay via PayPal, Credit card or bank transfer. Please note orders will not be printed until payment has been confirmed, so if you need them urgently we recommend using PayPal or Credit Card payments.

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Our tips for getting your photo taken:

  • Where possible try and avoid wearing a white/light grey/cream coloured top (this includes children and babies). If you are taking a passport/visa photo for Fiji, Malaysia, Philippines, or Zimbabwe  you must wear a dark coloured top that fully covers the shoulders and chest.

  • Hair needs to be away from the face so the jaw, eyebrows and sides of the face are fully visible. This may mean pulling your fringe all the way to the side. Photos taken for China, Denmark, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Philippines, Tonga and Zimbabwe must have the hair completely back so both ears can be seen.

  • We always strongly recommend glasses are removed for passport/visa photos to ensure the photo meets all the standards and will not be rejected due to reflections or shadows.

  • If you wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons you will need to make sure both eyebrows and the jaw are shown.

  • Avoid wearing large/dangly earrings.

  • If you are bringing your baby to have their photo taken, where possible, try and do so at a time they will be content to lie with their eyes open as in most cases this is a requirement.

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