Looking to display your favourite photo? Canvas prints make a great alternative to  frames  and can be done to almost any size!

With two different fabric types, and four different edges types you can customise your order for any style.

Canvas prints take approximately 5-10 working days, or for urgent orders 2-4 working days (please note a $15 urgent fee applies).


To order simply email your photo(s) to (and include the below information) so we can check your photo is suitable before any payment is made. If you would like a quote on a custom size or have any questions about canvases.



Phone Number

Desired Canvas Size

Canvas Edge Type (Black/White/Wrap/Mirror)

Canvas Fabric Type (Light/Heavy)

Pick Up In Store OR Delivery Address

Black Edge.jpg
Mirror Edge.jpg
White Edge.jpg
Light Canvas.jpg
Wrap Edge.jpg
Heavy Canvas.jpg