Agfa Reusable 35mm Film Camera

Agfa Reusable 35mm Film Camera


Love the look of disposables but hate the waste? The Agfa Photo analogue reuseable camera is the perfect solution, you can use it over and over again, with whatever film you prefer! Easy to use and lightweight, this is the perfect little camera for taking with you on your summer adventures.


- Takes Colour or Black & White 35mm, between 200-800 ISO.

- 1x AAA Powered Built In flash, perfect if you're wanting to take photos indoors or at night.

- Fixed focus lens (1m to infinity), this means less blurry photos.

- Camera stap and pouch included.

- 31mm Optical Lens, with F=9 for a larger depth of field.

- 1/120 Shutter Speed for freezing a moving subject.

- Batteries and film not included.


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