Instax Square SQ20 Camera

Frame grab with motion mode.

Roll forwards or backwards, the choice is yours. Activate the motion mode and shoot a short video sequence (think skateboarder on a ramp). Then it’s up to you to choose your favourite shot from the sequence. Every single frame in the mini sequence can be selected. And each one can be printed, if you want. Or you can take your best shot, try a creative filter (there are 19 to choose from, including three filters unique to this mode) and hit print.

Stunning. And creative.

Seeing is believing with the SQ20’s range of creative shooting modes. Superimpose two different images into a single photo with double exposure mode. Or change to bulb mode and capture the magic of lights and night views with ease.

Get a grip.

Our designers went all out on this instant camera. Lighter than the SQ10, a more refined design to sit perfectly in your hands, and a front mounted selfie-mirror. Thankfully the SQ10 isn’t the jealous sort.

Twist and shoot.

That ‘water ripples’ ring around the SQ20 lens? Looks like a zoom, right? Correct. A rippling, attention-grabbing 4.0 x digital zoom. This is the first instax camera to feature a proper, physically controllable zoom function. Simply twist and shoot to get up close and personal.

Improve upon perfection.

You’ve taken your shot. It’s beautifully framed, everyone is smiling (and even have their eyes open) and you’re ready to print and share. Although, with 22 creative filters could you make the final image an all-timer? For motion you could apply a retro feel, add a film border or go wavering, which shows a ghosting of moments. And for stills we’ve got two new filters to experiment with – Nostalgic and Skin brightening. The choice is yours.

The more the merrier.

Memorable moments shouldn’t be restricted to just one shot. So the SQ20 lets you blast away, and create stunning multi-image ‘collages’ that really capture the vibe. With Time Shift Collage you can create a collage with four images, each taken within a moment of each other. Spilt collage creates one image from up to nine individual shots, and we’ve even created some quirky layouts for you to go collage crazy with.

Instax Square SQ20 Camera

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