With the latest restrictions our physical store is now closed until further notice. We are committed to providing our customers with the same quality products and service throughout the coming weeks/months as best as we are able.


All of our products in store (and more) are available to purchase online, and prints can be ordered from home. We will aim to get these orders processed as soon as we can where we are able to have person working in isolation, but this will obviously also depend on the couriers availability to collect the items. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and rest assured we will work to get your orders as soon as we are able. Additionally, if you have previous uncollected orders that you wish to have couriered to you please email us and we can process that for you again as soon as we are able. Courier prices can be found in our Delivery & Returns page.

We are aware some customers have been experiencing an issue when trying to access the payment page when ordering prints online, so please feel free to use the "Pay In Store" payment option even when the order is being couriered to you. We can email you an invoice which will allow you to pay online still.

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions or requests.

Thank you for staying home or providing essential services during these times, and we hope to see you again in store soon. Stay Safe!

Kodak Express Newmarket

292 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

09 522 0273

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